As a grassroots inspired charitable organization, FACEYOUTH envisions a world free of discrimination and injustice. A world where every child will live up to their God given potentials. A world, where there will be no compartmentalization, no categorizations, no stratification and gender bias.
FACEYOUTH hopes to empower children globally and create a world, where ALL talented, underprivileged, underserved children are given the same opportunity to compete favorably with those born with privileges and affluence. We envision a world where everyone irrespective of their gender, race, religion, background, network, family ties or location is given equal opportunity to thrive, excel and blossom.
Within our first year of existence, we have successfully completed phase one of our set target solely by self-funding. Our organization believes in grassroots based programs, and we carry this out by identifying and sponsoring some talented underprivileged children from rural sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria as a pilot project). As part of our civil responsibility and undertakings, we provided school aged children with school supplies (Books and school bags), we were able to reach over 200 pupils in primary schools with our back to school aid(Please see videos by clicking this link : https://youtu.be/oRdR_nfnyfM).

As we wrap up the year, we want to end it on a big note, please come join us and be inspired by our talented children, come and hear them tell their stories on the 2nd of December, 2016. As of the last count we have over 50 children under our scholarship scheme and it is worthy to mention that these projects were solely individually funded by Ify and also through good will donations from a very few family and friends (Names of donors will be published on our website).
We hopefully wish to commence planning for the second phase of our project, we plan to reach out to more children and youth in various rural communities. Currently, we have priority needs that we MUST meet, these include:
·Adequate provision of electronic learning (e-learning) centers for Rural Communities (eCRC) programme, which would help us equip rural schools in various communities in sub-Saharan Africa with standard electronic learning (e-learning) facilities
· Provision of sports centers, and vocational skill centers.

As a nonprofit charitable organization FACEYOUTH rely largely on support; both financially and in kind, to accomplish its goals. Please if you are led in the spirit, feel free to make a freewill good will donations, kindly visit our website to read more about the organisation; http://www.faceyouth.org and also watch some of our videos here – https://youtu.be/oRdR_nfnyfM
Please support us by registering for the Red&White ball here – http://faceyouth.org/…/faceyouth-red-white-charity-fundrais…
We will also welcome collaborations and partnerships via sponsorship of our events and projects. All proceeds from all our events and fundraising activities will be ploughed back into our ultimate mission of empowering children and youths.
Ify Anyaegbu – Founder/Convener
FACEYOUTH a Red & White Charity – SC046921/ CAC-90812.


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FACEYOUTH (Foundation for Advancement of Child Education and Youth Empowerment) is an international non-profit organisation. The overall aim of this registered charitable organisation is to equip and empower young talents from underprivileged rural communities to compete equally with their peers globally.

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