Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International women’s day!

Here we go again, another year, another awesome day to celebrate women globally.

On this special day, I wish to affirm and reiterate one factual truism “Everyone deserves a fair chance, equal platform and opportunity to pursue, execute and achieve their dreams.” Anyone can be anything great, if given an opportunity!

While pursuing your fundamental women’s rights, we must tinker on the side of reality and mutual respect, you can be smart, powerful and in charge, and still cook for your spouse/ partner.

Don’t get it twisted, the revolution is about;

● #EqualRights
● #EqualPrivileges

Flash back to a few years ago, as an African woman, I would have been told that a woman’s place is in the Kitchen, that women are meant to be docile. That women are meant to be seen not heard etc.
Oh well, look how far we’ve come with the revolution, as a successful Engineer and Tech Manager, I’m empowering others to be as bold and successful!

As we celebrate women today, I implore ALL women to continue to #BeBoldForChange and use their voices and talents to stand up for their communities, so that, #TogetherWeCanChangeTomorrow


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