This is essentially our AFRICAN story. 

Analogue ICT lessons in Africa, when their counterparts in China are learning how to code and write computer programs at age 6.
 This photo is one of the things that inspired me to startup FACEYOUTH.

These ones are even lucky to have a teacher. Most schools in rural Nigeria don’t take ICT lessons at all. It is taught only in schools in the big cities and some private schools.

I studied Electrical/Electronics and Computer Engineering at one of the top federal universities in Nigeria, yet I did not get to see a desktop computer or laptop till after my third year in the university when I went to do my internship with Halliburton in Port-Harcourt Nigeria in 2002, thanks to Uncle @Seth.

Despite all the challenges, I still came to work in the UK as an expatriate in 2009.

Tell me about unequal opportunity and competition!

We don’t have to wait for the government or foreign organisations to help us. There are over 15million Nigerians in the diaspora (see source –  You can imagine what ee can achieve if we all donate at least one computer to our Alma mater or village community schools?

My advocacy is for people to go and do the needful, develop and empower your people to liberate them from poverty!

We @FACEYOUTH  collect bad/used computers and can give you money for the bad ones. We just want to show the children in rural communities what a computer looks like and possibly go a step further to teach them how to use it.


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FACEYOUTH (Foundation for Advancement of Child Education and Youth Empowerment) is an international non-profit organisation. The overall aim of this registered charitable organisation is to equip and empower young talents from underprivileged rural communities to compete equally with their peers globally.

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