Our Areas of Focus We focus on marginalized youths and children

Young people are a critical resource in our communities. As a sizable part of the population, they play a key role in their countries’ futures, yet many live in poverty, facing discrimination, violence and exclusion. We focus on three areas crucial to youth development–education, livelihoods and health and well-being– so that young people have the opportunity to realise their potential.


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We are committed to providing the necessary support to ensure disadvantaged children and young talents reach their full potential.

Health and Well Being

Mental health - Do you know that suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds?


85 million young men and women are estimated to be unemployed, nearly half of all the unemployed worldwide

About Us A Better Tomorrow. One Child At A Time...

The Foundation for the Advancement of Child Education and Youth Empowerment (FACEYOUTH) is a registered non-profit organisation founded in Aberdeen. We exist to promote quality education and wellbeing for disadvantaged children and empower young people, especially but not exclusive emphasis on people from minority ethnic and under-privileged backgrounds, to reach their full potential.

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27 Feb 2021
15:00 GMT
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Mental Health Awareness & Stigma Reduction Seminar for Young People & Parents

The COVID-19 Pandemic has brought many challenges to peoples lives. In particular, it has affected the mental health of many, especially young and vulnerable people.

12 Aug 2020
07 Sept 2019
19:00 GMT OYO Northern Hotel, 1 Great Northern Road, Aberdeen, AB24 3PS

FACEYOUTH GALA & Heroes Award | Disability Inclusion