FACEYOUTH is a volunteer driven organisation. Our volunteers are a team of experts zealous to donate their TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY (TEAM); these three make a unique classic personality. Some can only give time, others give energy while some, money; either way, we are all committed to giving all three to support a good cause.

Our core mission is to promote quality education for underprivileged African children and support young African talents.

One of FACEYOUTH Organisation's activities include visiting identified schools in need of timely intervention and this activity has taken us to some 
primary schools in Nigeria that are in dire need of help so the children in these schools can learn in a comfortable environment without compromising their health and safety.

As a non profit organisation, we rely on support both financially and in kind to accomplish our aims: Hence we seek public support to complete some of our ongoing projects and accomplish some of our missions. It is our desire to implement some of our projects in some schools and fix some challenges like classroom roofs, fence, toilets etc. before the children return to the classroom. We welcome volunteers and sponsors alike in partnering to put smiles on the faces of our children.

Sadly, children in some of our communities in Africa are learning under unstable structures, constructed many years ago. The classrooms are inadequate in terms of space and not conducive for learning, safety, etc. Some of the pupils are sometimes taught in an open space with less skilled teachers; poorly equipped classrooms and libraries, and most times with no educational supplies like a blackboard or whiteboard among other things.

Nigeria is in subsahara Africa. Once the rains begin, teaching and learning become quite challenging as the heavy rains pour and splash into the classrooms where the pupils learn.

Whatever fund we raise will go directly into reconstructing classrooms buildings and improving infrastructures for the children in various communities.

 These projects are extremely important to us because we at FACEYOUTH are very passionate about promoting quality education for underprivileged African children, we believe so much in the ability of educated and empowered African child.

FACEYOUTH also has several ongoing initiatives to help improve educational system and support young African talents (electronic library & computer literary rooms, tuition support, provision of educational supplies, etc.). We would love to reach more children and impact more communities to make sustainable impact and widen our outreach throughout the country; especially in the difficult to reach communities.

These projects stand to directly benefit over three hundred pupils and make so many life long dreams come true.
We will be very grateful and appreciative of your support as you join us in helping positively impact the lives of these children. 






  • Elibrary 
  • Scrabble Competition 
  • School visits . (Please click here to see budget)
  • We got talent competition

We count on your support, so that together we can change tomorrow!

If you would like to collaborate or partner with us or know anyone who would be interested in partnering with FACEYOUTH to implement some of our projects, please initiate an introduction.

Contact us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details on how to get involved

Thank you for supporting FACEYOUTH.