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The Foundation for the Advancement of Child Education and Youth Empowerment (FACEYOUTH) is a registered non-profit organisation founded in Aberdeen. We exist to promote quality education and wellbeing for disadvantaged children and empower young people, especially but not exclusive emphasis on people from minority ethnic and under-privileged backgrounds, to reach their full potential.

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Who We Are

The Foundation for Advancement of Child Education and Youth Empowerment (FACEYOUTH) is a grassroot inspired charitable organization with vested interests in fighting poverty, promotion and support of quality education for the disadvantaged child, as well as promotion and provision of vocational and skills acquisition programmes for the empowerment of youths. FACEYOUTH, registered in 2016, was established in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) focus number one (1) No poverty and four (4) of quality education respectively. We believe in the ability of an educated and empowered child who deserves an opportunity to go to school and stay in school. FACEYOUTH also commit to providing the necessary support to ensure children and young African talents reach their full potential.

Our Vision
To fight poverty and promote quality education for disadvantaged children, as well as ensure that every young talent has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
Our Mission
Bridge the gap in education opportunities and achievement between school children in rural communities and school children in more developed communities as well as to drive community development through empowered youths and ICT implementation. Support rural community schools, children and youths with needed educational resources through provision of access to e-Learning centers, vocational and skills trainings, scholarships and development of arts and sports talents. Develop partnership networks with the government, international organisations and other relevant bodies in the realisation of the organisation vision. Empowering young talents by providing them with grants and opportunities to guide them towards their future goals; inspire and support young African talents to become impactful role models and entrepreneurs; while upholding our values and heritage. #SupportYoungTalents #SupportAfricanTalents
Our Core Values
  • Advancement of quality education for underpriviledged children
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Promotion of our values and heritage
  • Our dream is to envision a world free of discrimination and injustice. A world where every child will live up to their potentials. A world, where there will be no compartmentalization, no categorizations, no stratification. We want a world, where the talented underprivileged, underserved children are given the same opportunity to compete favorably with those born with silver spoon. A world where everyone irrespective of their gender, race, religion, background, network, family ties or location is given equal opportunity to thrive and excel. We are very keen to encourage applications from individuals from particularly disadvantaged and underserved groups. We classified these groups as those who are: 1. Resident in the refugee camps and settlements, 2. Those who have lost close family members, 3. Those who are particularly vulnerable such as people with disabilities 4. Those who have themselves been victims of violence or who’s their parents cannot afford to fund basic education for them due to poverty (living below $1/day), and are out of school for this reason.
    2025 Target
    Scholarship for at least 100, 000 pupils/students (to graduate level) and empower 1,000,000 youths with apprenticeship opportunities, partnering with the government and other non-profit organisations to set up skill acquisition centers in which will create about 1,000,000 jobs to impact communities. Set up eLearning facilities/computer labs and sports centres in rural communities. Organize activities to keep the youths engaged during the long holidays. Send skilled teachers/volunteers to some of the public/government schools in rural areas. Organize cultural talent competitions to showcase n talents to the world and help raise awareness/fund for the organization.

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