Why the name FACEYOUTH a Red&White charity?

FACEOUTH is acronym for Foundation for Advamcement of Child Education and Youth Empowerment. 

The organization’s colours are red and white. Red signifies LOVE. Heart is the symbol of love and there is no better way to manifest this heart of love than to give it to those in need (from the donors to the beneficiaries). White is light and for us signifies ANGELS. Angels are caring beings and this explains the selfless and caring relationship that exists between the donor and the beneficiary. We promote worthy or virtuous acts and this guides the organization to CARE for the less fortunate, first, among any other thing.


What inspired you to give back and why now?

The organization first started as non-registered charity in 2006, which Ify co-founded with a group of her female friends and colleagues in the oil industry, whilst working in the challenging oilfield as one of the few female Engineers at the time, the aim was to encourage/support each other, share experiences and seek mentorship; as well as to empower and mentor young girls in senior secondary colleges in Nigeria to take on Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). Promote/champion more oil industry opportunities for women.


FACEYOUTH was founded in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on education.  According to statistics, the global number of out-of-school children of primary school age rose by 2.4 million between 2010 and 2013, reaching a total of more than 59 million. This serves as a grim reminder that the world has yet to fulfil its original promise to provide every child with a primary education by 2015 (UNESCO 2015).
Our core mission is to promote education for underprivileged African children, which includes providing access to e-Learning facilities to rural community schools in Africa.  FACEYOUTH also promotes the use of Music and Sports as vital tools, amongst other social activities to empower today's youth.


The motivation to take it public is the desire to reach and impact more people. The down turn in the oil industry in 2015 made going public necessary because some of the co-founders of the non-registered charity were affected and the organization could no longer cope with the responsibilities it had previously committed itself to. We also want to tell our stories to inspire young African talents, and let them know that that life is a cycle of peaks and troughs, highs and lows and they should not let anyone make them feel less than they are worth (hopefully it will inspire our youths and help reduce human trafficking and a whole lot of other criminal activities).


How will you ensure scholarships are given to pupils/students who are in need because they are disadvantaged?

After careful planning and feasibility analysis, FACEYOUTH came up with a protocol. We are very keen to encourage applications from individuals from particularly disadvantaged and underserved groups. We classified these groups as those who are:

1. Resident in the refugee camps and settlements,
2. Those who have lost close family members,
3. Those who are particularly vulnerable such as people with disabilities
4. Those who have themselves been victims of violence or who’s their parents cannot afford to fund basic education for them due to poverty (living below $1/day)), and are out of school for this reason.

We also have a nomination protocols, to nominate a candidate for the scholarship award, a school or person must provide proof that the candidate meets the above description. We also encourage people to tell their stories openly, FACEYOUTH will then use local field volunteers (We intend to use local community workers) to investigate the validity of these stories. These volunteers will be trained on this process and audited quarterly.

What makes you unique?

The fact that we are all volunteering to impact our communities and give back to the society. Our volunteers are a team of experts zealous to donate their TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY (TEAM); these three make a unique classic personality. Some can only give time, others give energy while some, money; either way, we are all committed to giving all three to support a good cause.


Will I be paid for being a board member?

This is a nonprofit organization and no fees/salaries shall be paid to either the Founder or any of the Executive board members. However, all expenses incurred while on approved duty for the organization (travel and accommodation only) can be reimbursed through claims to the organization, with proper evidence and receipts. We will do our best to limit unnecessary traveling by using internet video conferencing for most meetings, to reduce running costs in order to meet our 2025 target.


How do I know that this is not scam/fraud?

My strategy (Poka-yoke) for this organization, to eliminate fraud is non money contact (teach us how to "fish"; support young African talents to be great "fishermen"). Support the organization and the government to build or sponsor projects, buy some of our products to support our on going projects and create an enabling environment for our talents to compete globally. We plan to raise money from our talent shows/ventures to manage and sustain these projects , and also run the organisation. You can also volunteer to pay a child’s school fees or sponsor scholarship awards for talented students progressing to the university, or send talented teachers to public/government schools in rural areas. 

We are also in partnership with many law enforcement units to eliminate fraud, drug and human trafficking.

I like to be a candle in a room, not a star in the sky, can I be a quite donor? Oh yes! The organization is also in partnership with secret giving charities for those who wish to donate privately to the cause.


Kindly beware that there are so many dubious non-governmental organizations in Nigeria, do your due diligence before supporting or donating to any organisation. Please note that anything not coming from the FACEYOUTH a Red&White charity website or social media pages is not from us. Report any suspicious email or requests directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as we shall be working closely with law enforcement agencies to reduce online fraud and cyber crimes. Ify Anyaegbu 2016 copyrights reserved.


For more enquiries please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.